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Dr. Chuck Wilson Dr. Chuck Wilson from United States wrote on March 7, 2009
I came to an understanding of the pre-wrath rapture after an extensive 5 year study of prophetic events in the Scriptures. As a historian and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was clear to me the inconsistencies of the pre, mid, and post-trib theories. After much discussion, study, and interviewing pastors and missionaries (most who are clueless of prophetic events and are afraid to publicly proclaim them) I came to the understanding that I believe God's intention for prophecy is future events. I look forward to reading and debating what you have written.
Blessings, Dr Chuck
Keith J Sinclair Keith J Sinclair from England wrote on February 17, 2009
Keep the faith! Stand firm! We must challenge and encourage believers to critique the theory of the pre-trib rapture; that 'sacred cow' of the 'evangelical' church. Many will fall away because of this heresy as a result of them not being rescued from the trib but actually suffering and going thru' part of it. God bless.
Mieke Mieke from South Africa wrote on February 12, 2009
I have been very impressed with your website and the way in which you have laid out your message, however, I have a problem with the timing of your rapture. In 1 Corinthians 15:52 it says "at the last trumpet," and the only last trumpet I can find in the scripture is that of the seventh trumpet in Revelation. Therefore my view is that the rapture would occur at the seventh trumpet. Matthew 24:29-31 also reads that "Immediately after the tribulation of these days the sign of the son of Man will appear in heaven...and he shall send his angels with a great sound of the trumpet to gather the elect". According to how I read and understand scripture, the trumpets are not God's wrath, the bowls are God's wrath. Therefore we will still be raptured before God's wrath if we are raptured at the sound of the seventh trumpet. I wanted to print your sessions to discuss with friends, but they are going to rip me apart with 1 Corinthians 15:52. Those you see in their robes which came from the tribulation, they are those who have been killed for their faith, who did not want to take the mark of the beast. God says that the rapture will by no means occur before the dead has been resurrected. Also, it says after the tribulation (Matt 24) it does not say when exactly. The day or hour will still be unknown.
Antje Antje from South Africa wrote on February 12, 2009
Thank you for this site. Like an oasis. God will enlighten those that seek the truth and he will bless those that study the end time of the age as we know it today. Blessed is the one who reads this prophecy (revelation), who listens to it and takes it to heart. God will open to us the deep hidden things as we diligently study His Word eager to know the truth. I think so many Christians are so tired of all the lies we hear every day by the false prophets. They all start sounding like a gramophone that got stuck. May those that are alert obtain wisdom and knowledge so that those who are asleep may be told to wake up and hear the truth for they are in for a rude awakening.
God bless
Monty Fitch Monty Fitch from United States wrote on February 11, 2009
Thanks again for your inspired work on Revelation. I truly appreicate that you took time out of your busy day to email me answers to my questions.

David Mercer David Mercer from United States wrote on February 4, 2009
Thanks for the valuable information. Although the prewrath rapture is not the most widely accepted, I believe it is the truth, keep up the good work and God Bless... I love this place!!
T. Nathan McGee T. Nathan McGee from United States wrote on February 1, 2009
This is an answer believers need to be aware of for a time to come. For when the mark of the beast is instituted I believe many will be deceived about taking the mark, because they believe in the pre-tribulation theory and are still on the earth during the mid point of the great trouble or great trubulation.
Dr. Roger D. Best Dr. Roger D. Best from United States wrote on January 24, 2009
It is certainly wonderful to see folks who are committed to a face value approach to Scripture. I have been involved in teaching the Prewrath position for years now and it is exciting to me to see others who are willing to carry the torch! Keep up the good work!
Ben Smith Ben Smith from United States wrote on January 23, 2009
I just want to say, Amen! for starters. I really appreciate the work that has gone into this site. This is an oasis in the desert of pop theology. I too, like many here, was originally a pre-tribber until I began to study the Revelation for myself, no commentaries, no books, just scripture. It was then that I saw when the rapture would be, just as the scripture said...after the last trump. My flesh DID NOT LIKE THIS. I tried to find error in this new theory, but the more I looked the larger it got. Praise God I just yielded my spirit to the Lord and fell upon his sufficient grace. If it can save me, through the blood of Jesus, from the wrath of God on my sin, it can save me in the end times. Glory to God.

Bro. Ben
Charles D. Bickett Charles D. Bickett from United States wrote on January 4, 2009
I am highly disturbed knowing of the multitudes of brothers and sisters in Christ who will have their faith absolutely shattered when they find them selves in the midst of the horrendous persecution of the antichrist.

Luke 18:8 (B) Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?"

Keep giving out the truth; the deception of the pre-tribulation has been overwhelmingly accepted in our country and believers are in for a real shock!
Richard Haynes Richard Haynes from United States wrote on December 29, 2008
A warning and an encouragement was E-mailed to me today, regarding that which I just read in your article, particularly the "preparation" for these end days. Testing and retesting ourselves that we would be amongst the five wise virgins.
Kevn A. Dekker Kevn A. Dekker from United States wrote on December 6, 2008
Stumbled onto your site after reading your review of Donald Salerno's book (which I also reviewed)
I haven't gone throug the site yet, but I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.
Thanks again for the web site. I hope to be able to refer others to it soon.
Scott Herrmann Scott Herrmann from United States wrote on December 6, 2008
Thank you dear brother for your very fine service as a watchman for the Body of Christ. There are very few voices out there that have been given understanding of these last days in which we are living in. Your teachings have helped to make this iron a little sharper. If you get a chance, please take a look at the website that the Lord had a friend of mine, David and I launch sometime The more voices of truth crying out in the wilderness and blowing the trumpet of alarm to wake up, the better.
May our Heavenly Father and His Glorious Son Jesus continue to greatly bless you, your family and the ministry that They have called you into. He says He's bringing His rewards with Him and it won't be long now.
We'll see you soon! ... Here there or in the air!:-D
8-0 Scott
Laura Laura from United States wrote on November 30, 2008
Your new look is great.
Thank you for your ministry.
Onasanwo,G.S.Olu Onasanwo,G.S.Olu wrote on November 29, 2008
It is wonderful, I am excited to enter your web-site while reasearching on 70th week of Daniel. God will surely continue to increase your spiritual ability in enlightening the hungry souls for truth and concise interpretation.
Anonymous Anonymous from United States wrote on November 26, 2008
Hi! I'm a music pastor at a church in Colorado. I have been studying my bible for quite some time on the end times, and could never explain the Pre-Tribulation rapture completely without using a lot of allegory and a perverse hermeneutic. I decided that it was time to start fresh.

By starting fresh I arrived at what I feel is a viewpoint that doesn't need any allegory or super-spiritualizing to explain and to back up using the word of God!

I discovered Dr. Robert van Kampen and the "Pre-Wrath" rapture concept he has presented. I feel this man and his staff have done an awesome job of truly representing scripture by reading over the bible countless times and making sure we've lost nothing from the intention of the original language.

I love the freedom that comes with being able to just UNDERSTAND the bible without adding all of our man made formulas. Imagine it.... God is able to deliver his point without us "helping it along". Remarkable!

Anyone who hasn't looked at the concept of the Pre-Wrath view needs to do so. If you diligently seek the lord and lay your man made doctrine aside, I think you will be amazingly surprised at what the bible REALLY says. Lean on no man's understanding. Get in the Bible for yourself!

God bless you all. We serve an awesome Master!
Marilyn Pinto Marilyn Pinto from Bahrain wrote on November 24, 2008
Dear Brother,

Thanks for the lessons posted in your website. Trust that you will post more lessons that we can learn more, that we may be founded more.

I pray that God's revelation of His Word be poured bountifully upon all the workers in the ministry that you may bless many more souls who are hungry for His Word.

God bless in all the ministries' endeavour.

Sis Marilyn
Thomas Staples Thomas Staples from United States wrote on November 22, 2008
Your web-site looks great! I thank God for your amazing insight as it relates to end time prophecy. May God continue to use your ministry to enlighten those who are searching for truth.
God bless!
Carol Snyder Carol Snyder from United States wrote on November 20, 2008
Keep up the good work!:-)
Eugene Slaughter Eugene Slaughter from United States wrote on November 20, 2008
Got your note re: new web site look.
Looks great to me !!
I am so blessed that God gave you to me as my pastor & friend. I really get blessed in the time we spend on Sunday mornings.
God is good, all the time...