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Steve S. Steve S. from United States wrote on November 7, 2009
I heard Mr.Kurschner and Mr. Cooper speak this morning in Minneapolis. God bless you and prosper your efforts. How heartening it is to know that the Lord has is sounding a call to his people in these days. Trained and competent men that God has emboldened to preach against the grain of the popular, well sold, American illusion.

His flock will give ear to the warning.

Steve S.
randy randy from United States wrote on November 4, 2009
When I first began to study eschatology I wanted a definative answer. Not a date exactly, but something concrete in my spirit that would produce conviction in my soul. The pre-trib view never set well with me because there were too many assumptions.
I studied scripture voraciously with prayer and fasting for 7 years taking the pre-trib view apart scripturally piece by piece and reassembling it again, and it always fell apart at some point. One major problem I found with pre-trib view was the "not knowing when", "thief in the night" misunderstanding, (imminent return theology). I found that the man of sin had to be revealed BEFORE the Lord's return and he would show himself in the temple of God as God, (2Thess. 2:1-5). Therefore Christians would see the temple being built and know the season was at hand. That, in and of itself, brings the pre-trib view into speculation. Any way... Thanks for your research and publication on the pre-wrath rapture. It makes the best scriptural sense. God bless.
william william from United States wrote on October 30, 2009
Greg Eddolls Greg Eddolls from United States wrote on October 29, 2009
Thank you so much for putting this difficult and confusing subject into such a concise and logical format. I will be sharing this with everyone who will listen.

Nathan Green Nathan Green from United States wrote on October 7, 2009
Thank you for the site. 25 years I have been piecing together the details of prophetical scripture. Let scripture say what is does and there is less work to interpret the details.
Tammy Levesque Tammy Levesque from United States wrote on October 5, 2009
Thank you for this site. I love it love it love it. It does my heart good to see people quickly coming to the realization that we are going to indeed be here for the tribulation. In my own site I have been trying to get the word out for a while and have endured some pretty harsh statements to me about my not believing it is pretrib,as sadly so many people do.
I fear also that many will turn away for their view of when the rapture occurs. I fear that they will feel lied to through the word. I know it is not the word that lies but those who twist and reshape it to fit their view.Again thank you for this site,keep up the good work,and may the Good Lord bless you in every venture you pursue.
Jerome and Harriet Jackson Jerome and Harriet Jackson from United States wrote on October 1, 2009
As a pastor I have studied Revelation for at least 25 years and agree with you on so many points. God bless you and keep up the good work. If folks believe they will be raptured before the Tribulation, they may be the ones who are not faithful to the end.
We see the"end" coming very quickly.:-)
Heidi Moyer Heidi Moyer from United States wrote on September 27, 2009
It all made sense to me after reading Marv Rosenthal's book. I spent many years trying to work out the bits and pieces and yet I could not get passages to fit together in a logical timeline. Finally, the light was turned on in my brain. Thank God for Marv. I am now looking forward to exploring this website.
Stan McGuire Stan McGuire from United States wrote on September 14, 2009
I was born and raised a pre-trib-er, my dad being a baptist preacher who firmly believes and teaches pre-trib. Marv Rosenthal was a familiar name to me, so when I was introduced to his book on the pre-wrath rapture, I read it. It answered so many questions that had nagged me over the years on things that didn't "add up" or felt stretched. His no-nonsense, straight shooting book challenged me to dig deeper... for which I am grateful.
Gordon Yurk Gordon Yurk from United States wrote on September 8, 2009
I have studied extensively for 6yrs.,every escatological view&personally discerned thru the Holy Spirit the falsely structured misrepresentations of so-called biblical truths of these positions.Rightly dividing the word of truth thru the teaching of the Holy Spirit,I received&believe the pre-wrath rapture view of the true church to be the VERY word of God.Let's tell everyone!Gordon Yurk,Flint,MI.
Robert Pearson Robert Pearson from United States wrote on September 6, 2009
At age 69, I have never been a "Pre-Tribber." I began my belief as a "Post tribulationist" but , after reading such men as Spurgeon, Tregelles, Van Kampen and others, I am now dogmatic in my "Pre-Wrath" eschatology. "If the plain sense makes sense, you have the right sense."
Robert Pearson
Warriors of the Cross Warriors of the Cross from United States wrote on August 6, 2009
The Lord led me to Marvin Rosenthal's book, " The PreWrath Rapture of the Church", many years ago, as I was not convinced of the PreTrib theory in my spirit. I am however, convinced of this. The church will go through the tribulation, the church will see the man of sin revealed, and the church will be "caught up" on the SAME DAY Christ returns in the clouds with power and great glory, The Day of the Lord or The Day of His Great Wrath. I think much of the problem lies with believers not understanding that the tribulation and the wrath are not the same event. One being satan's wrath, the other God's wrath. God has only promised to "keep us from the wrath to come", not the tribulation. All I can say is, there are going to be a lot of surprised believers when the antichrist appears in the temple proclaiming to be God and they are STILL here!
Don Don from Canada wrote on June 25, 2009
I am so grateful that there are sites like this on the internet. The church in Canada and the US has fallen asleep. Most believe in a pre-trib rapture and are oblivious to what is going to happen within a few years. I pray that God would bring revival and open the eyes of Christians to the word especially in Mathew 24 and Revelation chapters 6&7. God is not a god of confusion. He has given us brains to use. Scripture is so clear on this, yet people just don't want to believe that God would allow them to suffer! We need to pray for repententance and revival. America under Obama is entering a very dark period. We must stand up and fight!
Dr Bob Funk Dr Bob Funk from Honduras wrote on May 14, 2009
I came to the prewrath view in 92 after a pastor asked me to review Marv Rosenthal's book. I was taken aback as well as by a fellow believer who helped me see that the proper order of Pauls II Thess. 2 (for gentiles and Jews) includes an antichrist first. Having been raised in the Plymouth Brethren where one of the founders after 1832, J.N. Darby spread a pretrib view after stealing it from a Scottish teen Margaret McDonald (see The Rapture Plot-MacPherson), I couldn't tolerate a contending view, and at first was quite indignant that someone would spread an opposing view. After all 51 years ago now I trusted the Lord as a child when I felt that I would be left behind by my parents who would be taken at any moment. May God help the Body of Christ realize we cannot escape the pain of the great tribulation and will be taken up to Christ and likewise come right back with Him in His parousia.
Otto Carroll Otto Carroll from United States wrote on May 3, 2009
Great site - keep up the good work!!!
BILL MILLER BILL MILLER from United States wrote on April 29, 2009
FeastsOfTheLord.Net (FOTL) now #1 rated by Google: is a Pre-Wrath web site providing a historical, prophetic and eschatological "seasonal" view of His return - just as Jesus had rebuked the Pharisees for their failure anticipating His 1st coming - thru the 'lens' of the last 3 Feasts of Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles.
fernando b. fernando b. from United States wrote on April 25, 2009
Praise the Lord. I have always been a pre-tribber after going to a different church and hearing the teaching on this view, I've been studying this view of pre-wrath and I believe this view without a doubt is corrent in context of the bible teaching. God bless Marvin Rosenthal.
Tom Gilbert Tom Gilbert from United States wrote on April 12, 2009
Great site and message, the prewrath truth needs to be heard......there is much damage being done by all of the rapture ready type of sites.
Semone J. Simmons Semone J. Simmons from United States wrote on March 30, 2009
Hello...I really like how you have broken down the end time events. I held the pre-trib view before I studied the scriptures. I know now that the church will be here for the tribulation. God will equip us to endure!

I believe this is likely to happen in my lifetime (I'm almost 39 yrs old). It saddens me that so many cannot see what is clearly there in the scriptures. Jesus' own words in the Olivet Discourse ( Matthew 24 and its parallels in Mark 13 and Luke 21.) that he was coming back AFTER THE TRIBULATION. It doesn't get any plainer than that in my opinion.
Bill Duvall Bill Duvall from United States wrote on March 13, 2009
Thanks for your site! Finally, we are seeing people come to the truth of the early church fathers concerning the Second Coming.

Keep up the good work.