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Larry Doffing Larry Doffing from United States wrote on September 7, 2006
Thank you for the opportunity to have a further knowledge of the rapture. God Bless You
Kirk Larsen Kirk Larsen from United States wrote on September 7, 2006
Hi Elbert,
I am looking forward to exploring this site. 25 years ago I thought I was the only one that believed that the tribulation was separate from the wrath of God and that the rapture separated the two. Since then I have found Van Kampen's book and then Rosenthal's book and now this site among others. There are still some questions I have so I am excited about rubbing shoulders, so to speak, with others that have the same understanding.

Sincerely, Kirk Larsen
Pre-Wrath Aussie Pre-Wrath Aussie from Australia wrote on September 7, 2006
I was taught Pre-Trib but it didn't make sense to me, then I went Post-Trib but it didn't have all the answers either, then I came across Pre-Wrath and it is making the scriptures click into place for me!
Deirdre Deirdre from United States wrote on September 7, 2006
I am very thankful for this site and very happy to see that you are maintaining it. In a time when many prewrath believers feel that the 70th week may begin shortly, it is a blessing to know that other like-minded believers are hanging out in cyberspace with me.

Also, as a supporting member of, another prewrath site with a discussion board, I often send people confused about the doctrine a link directly here. I have found your site easy to read and very informative and I have no doubt those I direct here feel the same.

Keep up the good work...I cannot wait to see more and G-d Bless!
Lightnin' Charlie Lightnin' Charlie from United States wrote on September 6, 2006
Hello Elbert,
A great site, a great study, a great ministry, and a great friend.
Your brother in Him,