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Ann Bennett Ann Bennett from Opelika, AL wrote on August 10, 2022
There is an excellent video available on various Christian media apps and on Amazon called Before the Wrath narrated by Kevin Sorbo. This video shows the preparation made for a Galilee wedding and is a great complement to the pre-wrath rapture teaching
Sam Davis Sam Davis from Houston wrote on August 6, 2020
I have been saved for 41 years. Two weeks after I got saved, I read Hal Lindsey's book "The Late Great Planet Earth." I never believed the pretrib rapture was 100%, but it seemed to be the best Scriptural theory of the timing of the rapture. Within the last two years, after running into the false "Kingdom Now" end times theology, I took a fresh look at all the Scriptures that had been used to "prove" the pretrib rapture position. I discovered something that shocked me - the pretrib position had two parts. Part one was the statement the rapture happened before the 70th week of Daniel. Part two (which apparently I was kinda fuzzy on) was the belief that Matthew 24 was written to unbelieving Jews and did not apply to Christians. So, I concluded, Part One of the pretrib position says the rapture is before the last 7 year period and Part Two deletes the verses Jesus spoke which disprove Part One. Ah, tricky, and why would such a trick be used? To blind believers to the fact we need to be prepared for the Great Tribulation. Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes. Knowing the truth is so helpful for becoming prepared for the future!
stephen cooke stephen cooke from Nr Cambridge uk wrote on April 22, 2020
Excellent website. I came to the same conclusion through independent study. Although, I hadn't called it pre-wrath.
Duane Roquemore Duane Roquemore from Dallas wrote on November 11, 2018
After reading Marvin Rosenthal's book "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church", I became convinced that the Rapture will occur Pre-Wrath. I was so convinced that I've been writing a series of fictional novels about the Rapture, the 70th Week of Daniel and the Millennium all from a Pre-Wrath perspective. Here is a link to the website for my books series, The Wrath Trilogy:
Buki Buki from Sagamu wrote on September 5, 2018
What is wrong with the POST-TRIB teaching?
Admin Reply by: echarpie
To answer your question, I am pulling a quote from my FAQ page:

Question: "I’ve long thought that the rapture and the resurrection are the same thing, I guess I’m a post-trib. I don’t have a problem with us being on the earth at the time of God’s wrath. I know He says we are not appointed to His wrath, but it doesn’t say we will not be here. Considering that the Israelites were there at the time of God’s wrath against Pharaoh but were not harmed by it."

Answer: "You have some very good points and there are many who agree with you. In essence, I too, agree with you. I see Jesus’ return as one coming – is it just that He will be here awhile and several events will take place at and during His coming.

I have three reasons for believing that the rapture will initiate the Lord’s coming. First, as you have stated, I believe the scripture is clear that God’s people will not endure His wrath. In the book of Revelation it uses the word “escape” – so I believe it is more than keeping us safe while the wrath is going on. Second, the passages that compare the return of Jesus to Noah and Lot (like Luke 17:26-30) indicate that on a single day God’s people were rescued and then the judgment fell. In Luke it says, “It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.” Third, the whole concept of Jesus’ return is tied to the prophecy of the Day of the Lord. There is a sign of that day when the sun will be darkened and the moon turned to blood (red) and the stars fall from the sky. In the chronology of Revelation this happens at the sixth seal and THEN the judgments of the trumpets begin.

I will be the first to admit that I could be wrong, this is just the time frame that I see the scriptures teach."
Andrew O. Andrew O. from Ontario wrote on June 22, 2018
When in the Prewrath timeline, does the antiChrist cause all to recieve a mark ? Thanks
Admin Reply by: echarpie
I don't believe the mark of the beast comes into play until after the 7th trumpet sounds and after the rapture takes place. However, the scripture indicates that at the judgment there will be those who have not taken the mark of the beast nor worshipped his image. So, there will be those who do not take the mark.
Steven Conley Steven Conley from US wrote on February 27, 2018
It is to our shame that nearly all the evangelical churches in the west have, hook, line, and sinker, bought into the great escape. May we who have been given mercy and grace to see these truths be faithful to warn our brethren.
Aurora Aurora from Lower Hawkesbury wrote on January 27, 2018
Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site?
My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Many thanks!
Cleo Cleo from Wichita wrote on August 16, 2017
Greetings! I've been reading your site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx!

Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!
Dan Dan from USA wrote on March 24, 2016
Thank you so much for this very clear presentation of the pre-wrath view and its comparison to other views. I too am convinced that this view is the best understanding of the events surrounding the coming of our Lord.

I would offer one adjustment to your discussion for consideration. The fourth seal and rider may fit better before the mid-point and the revealing of the Anti-Christ. The suffering of the fourth seal seems to cause a betrayal and a falling away (the apostasy) which leads to the Anti-Christ taking charge,which results in the 5th seal being broken, which is "the great tribulation" resulting in many martyrs. This adjustment would mean that the four horsemen represent the "birth pangs" before the travail of the tribulation.
Latia Latia from Laleham wrote on February 28, 2016
I enjoy this website - its so usefull and helpfull.
Billy Broadwater Billy Broadwater from United States wrote on February 21, 2016
Enjoy your articles. I wrote Exposing the Fallacies of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture from the prewrath perspective. I am stilled puzzled how anyone who desires to understand Bible eschatology can still subscribe to the pretrib theory after studying prewrath.
Louanne Louanne from Spritzendorf wrote on February 18, 2016
I enjoy the knowledge on your websites. With thanks!
Kaleb Whitaker Kaleb Whitaker from USA wrote on October 2, 2015
Good site please check my site out also at
Bill Kinyon Bill Kinyon from USA wrote on July 12, 2015
I have been in favor of the prewrath view for many years. although it is hard at times. thinking surly people like JOHN HAGGEE AND PERRY STONE MUST KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN I. But here I am still believing in Prewrath
I truly believe that the holy Spirit has helped me to understand the end times. i just read it as though i were there at the time it was written. and it seems to make sense to me.
Bill Kinyom
Aussie Mark Aussie Mark from Australia wrote on May 7, 2015
I must thank Chris White and his video 'Pre-wrath Rapture' for making me aware of your site.
Your 10 Pre-Wrath Session pdfs are superb and the most cohesive and Scriptually validated concept of the Parousia I have ever read.
Thank you and God bless you.
Charlotte DeRaad Charlotte DeRaad from USA wrote on April 30, 2015
Glad I found your site. My husband and I have been studying PreWrath for 20 years. Learn from Marvin Rosenthal (not sure of the spelling.)
Allura Noel Allura Noel wrote on January 28, 2015
Thank you for this site. I am in the process of studying and searching the scriptures. You have done a wonderful job at laying out why you believe what you believe. I do think you should paste the quote in lesson 9 on the front of your web page about why the writer is so enthusiastic about the study etc. I think it shows the humility and heart of the writers and supporters of this site and may play a part in taking away the defensiveness that some may have when it comes to confronting the possilbilty that what they believe may not be the Gospel truth.

Thank you again and keep up the good work!
Gary Gary from United States wrote on December 26, 2014
I was brought up pre-trib for 42 years, and while I have adopted the pre-wrath theory, I was nearly outcasted by my own family for the change in beliefs. Satan has every reason to indoctrinate Christians on pre-trib so many are fooled by the Anti-Christ resulting in the great falling away, I only hope my family remembers my words regarding this matter. I am currently a Theology major and know that I cannot preach pre-trib, thanks for the ammunition to support the truth.
Jane wANG Jane wANG from Japan wrote on November 10, 2014
it's a wonderful site, we will come to visit frequently.