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Pastor Bob Batte Pastor Bob Batte from United States wrote on April 2, 2010
I'm so glad to find this site. I struggled for yrs concerning the "pre-trib" rapture of the church. How can we as Christians in this era think we are free from tribulation? I ordered the pre-wrath book and workbook for both my wife & I several yrs ago and I'm trying to find another set for a young pastor friend of mine. God Bless you in your ministry.
Carl Carl from United States wrote on March 28, 2010
I had struggled with the Pre-Trib position all my life. I have been Pre-Wrath ever since Marve Rosenthal's book "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church" was published. In all my years this has been the only position that makes any sense. It brings me great joy that this position is gaining in popularity. It is sad that most of my family is against this position. They won't read any of the books or even listen to me explain this position. I think that they are afraid that if they read or listen to these views that they may somehow make them true.

I continue hoping and praying that they may come to see the truth in time for them to get prepared for the troubles ahead.
Cynthia Hicklin Cynthia Hicklin from United States wrote on March 24, 2010
God bless you for the truth:-)
Sara Parsons Sara Parsons from United States wrote on March 24, 2010
I am glad to have found your website. I have been pre-trib for 20 years, until recently when the Lord prompted me to a) reread Revelation with a literal approach and, b) be willing to set aside my pre-conceived notions about escatology. Once I did that, I had no choice 😐 but to admit that there is no scriptural basis for a pre-trib rapture. I have been pouring through the scriptures and websites (like yours!) and I am now convinced that a pre-wrath rapture is exactly what ALL relevant scriptures point to - and that, oh bummer, it WILL be after the 3.5 year point. May the Lord give us strength to endure the tribulation and persecution until the Day of the Lord! Blessings!
David Jachim David Jachim from United States wrote on March 21, 2010
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ
Mrs. Dawn Metzger Mrs. Dawn Metzger from United States wrote on March 16, 2010
The pre-wrath view is certainly interesting, and it's the closest view out there that takes into consideration passages that point out the second coming being after the Tribulation. Before being introduced to the pre-wrath view by good friends, Chuck and Pat Snow, the LORD had already revealed that the pre-trib rapture was incorrect. I'm still thinking about what pre-wrath writers are saying---pondering and contemplating before the LORD before I call it "my view". Thanks for the website--it's helpful!
Charles (Chuck)D. Bickett Charles (Chuck)D. Bickett from United States wrote on March 15, 2010
I've been Pre-Wrath in my eschatology for close to 18 years now I hade the good fortune of being able to talk to Bob Van Kampen before he went home to be with the lord. My main objectives are witnessing the message of salvation to the lost and Pre-Wrath rapture to the saved.
Chuck Bickett
Steve Steve from England wrote on February 4, 2010
Great site. i have changed my view from pre trib to pre wrath with much anguish! My favourite bible teachers are all pre tribbers.
Dave Hunt, Tim Lahaye, Chuck Missler etc.

I feel I've lost some close friends.

Are there any pre wrath prophecy conference coming to the Uk? There appears little support for pre wrath in the UK.

Blessings in Christ Steve
PS my e-mail is
Ian Chapman Ian Chapman from England wrote on January 27, 2010
We are definitely living in the end times. We must live each day as if it was our last on the earth. Jesus must have first place in our lives to the glory of God. We look to His coming with gladness in our hearts but we should be about making sure Jesus has the reward of His sufferings; namely winning the lost for Him!
Joyce Groves Joyce Groves from Canada wrote on January 24, 2010
I have been studying the Pre-wrath Rapture for many years, having found Marven's book in a Christian bookstore when his book first came out. not many of my friends are willing to give this any seriouse thought, but I keep praying.
Thomas Thomas from United States wrote on January 23, 2010
Keep up the good work. I was raised in a classic pre-trib denomination and attended a classic pre-trib Bible College...BUT...I was NEVER comfortable with the twisted hermaneutical approach to "make it all work". The Pre-Wrath position honors scripture and the integrity of evangelical hermaneutical principles.
Paul Kaufmann Paul Kaufmann from United States wrote on January 13, 2010
I created a facebook group called Pre Wrath Rapture, and added a link to your website.. keep up the good work...
Cindy Holmes Cindy Holmes from United States wrote on January 10, 2010
I'm buying another copy of the book because the book I loaned didn't return. Hopefully that means it is still spreading the word. Thank you for presenting us with a sensible interpretation of some difficut scripture.
W H Brinkman W H Brinkman from Canada wrote on January 6, 2010
Thanks for searching out and presenting ,what I believe to be the truth about the rapture. It fits like a puzzle piece that has been hard to find in the end time puzzle. Keep up the good work. GOD Bless. Henry
anita anita from United States wrote on January 2, 2010
bobbie garwood bobbie garwood from United States wrote on December 29, 2009
come Lord Jesus! 🙂
Frank Mutchler Frank Mutchler from United States wrote on December 10, 2009
A beacon of light in darkening times. Thank you for being faithful to your calling.
Ramiro Ramirez Ramiro Ramirez from United States wrote on December 7, 2009
I am a firm believer in the prewrath rapture ever since getting saved in 1990. I really appreciate your ministry and your stand for what is biblical and obvious to anyone who really desires to know the truth. Please continue to put out these resources knowing that God's word shall be fulfilled to the T. God bless you.
steve morrow steve morrow from United States wrote on December 3, 2009
I am so bessed to read books like Prewrath Rapture of the church.Ive held the midtrib.position for many years.But clearly the true teaching is prewrath.I just dont know how anyone can deny or not see the truth in the word of God. May the Lord continue to use the men like Marvin Rosenthal and all the other Bereans. 2 Peter 3:18
Don Chandler Don Chandler from United States wrote on November 11, 2009
Great site.