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Jeff Williams Sr Jeff Williams Sr from United States wrote on June 15, 2011
I cannot wait to see all of my new friends at a national convention!!!
Kenneth Witt Kenneth Witt from United States wrote on May 11, 2011
Thank u 4 this website as I live in a house where i am the only non pretriber and feel alone in my beliefs.
Paul Stokholm Paul Stokholm from United States wrote on April 21, 2011
Thank you so much for your ministry. I have been a believer in the PreWrath position since about one year after publication of Rosenthal's book "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church". It took me a year of study trying to refute what was presented in that book before I became convinced that the view was truly what the Bible taught.
Corwin Corwin from United States wrote on April 9, 2011
I am so thankful for your theological adherence to SCRIPTURE and ONLY SCRIPTURE! I can't wait to browse your site and share it with others. My grandmother and I have been studying the Bible and specifically prophecy since I was a teenager. We both read Dr. Marv Rosenthal's and VanKampen's books. Thanks for sharing your faith so boldly. Keep the faith and testimony of Christ, stay strong, persevere! We are praying for you!
Patricia Voldberg Patricia Voldberg from United States wrote on March 31, 2011
To God be the Glory!!!
Beverly Beverly from United States wrote on March 30, 2011
Oh my GOODNESS what a BLESSING to find your web site! My (prewrath teaching) husband has been pastoring a church in a TINY rural community in Oregon for almost 25 years feeling VERY ALONE on this doctrine--especially having graduated from Dallas Seminary many years ago. He doesn't go on the internet very much, but I'm SURE he will want to visit THIS site!! Thank You!!!
Joan Stoveken Joan Stoveken from United States wrote on February 3, 2011
Some say Christ was cut off at 3 & 1/2 years when they killed him. But they don't mention your scriptures. I get confused and want to understand which is correct.
Pastor Claude Peeler Pastor Claude Peeler from United States wrote on January 29, 2011
I very much appreciate your site. I met Marv Rosenthal years ago and have been pre-wrath ever since. Thanks for a great site. - Pastor Claude
Gerald Matheson Gerald Matheson from United States wrote on January 4, 2011
We have started a men's bible study group and one of them introduced the book by Marvin Rosenthal, "The Pre-wrath Rapture of the Church." After discussion and prayer we decided to use the book as a basis for our study. I just came across your web site and will share it with the rest. I was raised on pretrib doctrine and decided many years ago to stay away from end times teachings alltogether. This teaching of the prewrath coming of Christ has changed my whole attitude. I look foward to reading the articles on your website. Thanks for spreading the message. Gerald
Carol Carol from United States wrote on December 30, 2010
Thank you for making this site so easy to navigate and concise!
Marisa Creel Marisa Creel from United States wrote on November 5, 2010
Your presentation isn't perfect but it's close. There is nothing in the first five seals that hasn't been going on for at least hundreds or thousands of years already since the early church. If there is a lull in time between Daniels 69th & 70th week as most eschatologists believe there is, then it must be represented in Revelation since Revelation has been an open prophecy since John wrote it. There is obviously a lull in between the 5th and 6th seals that match Daniels lull. So the 6th seal is about to be broken any day now. 🙂
Bob Butler Bob Butler from United States wrote on November 1, 2010
I was saved in an AG Church and educated in AG Schools. I have a Masters Degree from AGTS in Springfield, MO. I have always struggled with the question of the rapture. I could not get my head around a pretrib Rapture when reading Matt. 24. It just did not fit. It was several years ago that I concluded that a prewrath rapture was the only solution I could see. It was hard because of my training to express it so I spoke only to my wife about it. Your site has given me the courage to write about this on my own blog site that addresses the issues of christian living in today's world. My greatest concern is that many will not be able to endure any Persecution and will fall to the way side. Again this will explain the great falling away found in Matt. 24. There is much work to do in preparing the people to accept the notion that we will endure persecution. I have an article on the Last twenty-four hours of Christ's life on earth and one of the characteristics is the acceptance of suffering in this life. Jesus had to come to grips with it in the garden and so do we in our own garden experience. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Bro. Bob
Pastor Ronald A. Omega Pastor Ronald A. Omega from Philippines wrote on October 1, 2010
Greetings, brethren in the Lord!
I first heard of the prewrath view when Dr. Roger D. Best visited Manila, Philippines a decade ago or so and conducted a seminar on prophecy. It's the most Biblical view on the end times. It's not easy to have this stand when most of your colleagues and Christian friends believe otherwise. By God's grace we were able to stand and share this view with the rest.
Thank you for having a site like this. We will recommend (share the link of) this site to others. God bless!
Robert Greggs Robert Greggs from United States wrote on September 23, 2010
I was persuaded to consider and eventually adopt this view from reading Rosenthal's and later VanKampen's books while studying the scriptures seeing that this view alone harmonizes all of the prophetic teachings. Recently I listenend to Jack Hayford's messages on this as well and he has some very interesting insights as to the events that would happen and cause the world to not even realize that we would be missing! As well, it is clear from studying a number of passages that many will not realize when the beginnning of the 70th week has started. Thank you for your site and information.
Craig Opal Craig Opal from United States wrote on September 13, 2010
Nice work on this presentation. I am also -pre-God's wrath.
Albert Trebble Albert Trebble from South Africa wrote on July 12, 2010
It has always bothered me as to why this century's saints expect not to go through a tribulation for their beliefs, when throughout history all the saints were persecuted and were put to death for their faith. Quite frankly, I strongly believe that if their faith were to be tested as those souls of the past, their beliefs would disappear like the morning mist. Ask those souls in Somalia and the like and put your faith to the test. Would you gladly die for your beliefs?
John Mitchell John Mitchell from United States wrote on June 30, 2010
Not being able to accept the pre-trib theology I have searched for the truth and even believed in no rapture at one point. After reading Charles Cambell's teaching and then going to your site I am now beginning to see (praise the Lord) truh. Thank you for your bold stand.
Brother in Christ
John Mitchell
Thomas Mould Thomas Mould from United States wrote on June 25, 2010
Like the site. I was raised in a classic Pre-Trib home but never comfortable with its stomping on strong hermaneutics to arrive at the doctrinal positions. Keep up the good work!
Rev. Bobby E. Hart Rev. Bobby E. Hart from United States wrote on April 17, 2010
Excellent material! I, too, am a proponent of the pre-wrath rapture teaching.:-)
Theresa Stanford Theresa Stanford from United States wrote on April 5, 2010
I am really interest in this subject: I pray that God will remove Blinders from the eyes of people! We are in so MUCH trouble in our couhtry and believe me the times are going to WORSE. So prepare to fully informed and a refuge for people who have been so blinded for so long by their own comfort zone!!!!!!!!