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Brother Mike Brother Mike from United States wrote on September 17, 2014
I am 70 yrs.old , born again in 1975.I have been in indpendent baptist churches since i was saved.About 2 or so yrs ago I changed my mind about pre-trib. rapture to a mid-trib rapture thinking. Thank you for your teachings and free download.
Brother Mike S.
James Schubert James Schubert from United States wrote on September 1, 2014
This site has done an excellent job in explaining and defending this position on the rapture. I'm reconsidering my own stance on this topic.
Ron Bramos Ron Bramos from usa wrote on August 11, 2014
Just beginning to browse this well documented site with great visuals. Thanks
Marius Jubelius Marius Jubelius from South Africa wrote on January 11, 2014
Thanks for enlightening us, this exposition of rapture really give more light to what is currently happening in the world and what we as believers in Jesus should expect and look forward to with the knowledge that we are going to face difficult times in the near future as followers of Jesus.
Levi Gonzales Levi Gonzales from United States wrote on December 9, 2013
Hey There friends, I just recently discovered this website. I'm new to the Pre-Wrath position. I recently finished reading Dr. Rosenthal's book "The Prewrath Rapture of the Church." I must say after hopping from rapture view to rapture view, I have never seen such a clearly biblical view on the rapture as I have in the prewrath view. I can't say that I'm fully Prewrath yet. I'd like to work out all the kinks first before I completely cross over. This website is definitely helping answer a lot of my questions though. God bless.
Barbara White Barbara White from USA wrote on October 16, 2013
It's tough to embrace this view when PRE-TRIB is preached so dogmatically in most places. So good and refreshing to know you are here along with many others, and I'm not alone! 🙂 Thank you for your careful study of God's Word.
Jim Wood Jim Wood from USA wrote on September 29, 2013
What I am desperately trying to find is a local church which subscribes to the pre wrath view. Does anyone know of any such ministries in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area?

The way I look at it is if a church gets the rapture view wrong (which, as far as I am concerned is a critically vital end time issue), how can you trust anything else they teach. If a layman such as myself can see the painfully obvious truth of a pre wrath rapture, certainly a seasoned professional pastor should be able to see the same thing. If that pastor does see it and continues to teach a pre trib view - for whatever reason, then he doesn't deserve to be a pastor. I believe that pastors such as these will answer to God on that day for knowingly teaching false doctrine! In my view, teaching a pre trib rapture is deadly, both to the unsaved who think they have time and will get a "second chance" after the rapture as well as to the saved who go into the tribulation period completely unprepared for what they are about to experience.
keijo leppioja keijo leppioja from Finland wrote on September 9, 2013
Yes, the lord will make us happy today for heavenly touch and moving among us by grace and in care and show us his love and power and living water wells in christ to drink and joy for favor and for salvation with us. Thanks and bless and joy. keijo sweden
michael kacan michael kacan from florida usa wrote on August 30, 2013
hi is there anyone pre wrath in so.florida..broward or dade co. pls get in
SGT Chas SGT Chas from America wrote on August 24, 2013
Isa 8:21 And they shall pass through it, hard pressed and hungry. And it shall be, they shall be hungry; he will rave and curse his king and his God, and face upward. 22 And they shall look to the land. And, behold, trouble and darkness and gloom of anguish; and they are driven to darkness.

Don't believe pretrib errors!
God bless and keep you!
PS: The restrainer is Michael:
Dan 12:1 And at that time, Michael shall stand up (Literally 'lets loose'), the great ruler who stands for the sons of your people...
keijo leppioja keijo leppioja from Sverige wrote on May 7, 2013
God is great in the word to eat of us today and be strong in faith and in thankskgiving with harmony and I ill play my piano for thanksgiving for my salvation and for my familys blessing,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden :roll
Scott Boyte Scott Boyte wrote on March 24, 2013
Found this site via the video on the Face Like The Sun site. I found that site via YouTubes. This confirms what I have recently been praying about and trying to understand. I have known this for many years, but did not have exposure to this teaching until today. The Spirit of Truth has led me and confirmed to me this as well. May God give us strength as we quickly approach that great and terrible Day of the Lord.
Claude Peeler Claude Peeler from USA wrote on March 19, 2013
THis is truly an *** site. You do God's Word and Rosenthal real GOOD. Thanks for all of your work.
pastor claude :p
Jacqueline Kay-Laporte Jacqueline Kay-Laporte from United States wrote on February 25, 2013
:roll :roll trying ti figure out who the restaner is! can anyone help!
earl click earl click from USA wrote on February 24, 2013
Been onboard the Pre-Wrath view pretty much since 1995 or so especially with the concern over those taught pre-trib rapture. If its not Pre-Wrath then it is Post-Trib and they are both close enough to leave the church prepared for calamity and trial when the things which are coming arrive. The potential for the other camps to stumble when it does not 'pan'out just the way they think it will is real to me. I love so I share.

shalom, shalom
Mrs M Hillberg Mrs M Hillberg from US wrote on February 5, 2013
Blessings and prayers for all to hear the prewrath view and really understand and heed it. Thank you for getting His Word out! I look forward to your newsletters.
Mrs H
Jeremiah Greenberg Jeremiah Greenberg from USA wrote on December 31, 2012
Prewrath makes the most sense. It also means that Preppers can be preparing for a long End Time scenario. It pays to get ready for basic living in a difficult world before Yeshua (Jesus) returns. Blessed are those who heed Biblical warnings and PREPARE! They are wise!

Steve Emmons Steve Emmons from Australia wrote on October 28, 2012
Hi guys, I have been pre-trib and dispensational all my life. I am about two weeks into coming to learn about this position. So far it is all making sense. Thanks for the resources.
Pastor David Pastor David from U.S. wrote on September 2, 2012
"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." II Timothy 2:15 Thank you for your hard work in scouring the Scriptures to understand the end time chronology and explain it in a simple & rational format. In John 14:29 Jesus makes an interesting statement,"And now I have told you before it takes place, so that when it does take place, you may believe."
keijo keijo from Sweden wrote on August 30, 2012
Thank you Lord new power again today be with us in you! "Halleluja that will inspire me that celebrate with God for victory in Jesus blood around many home and familys in restoration our marriage. Thanks and bless, Keijo Swedeen