Free Downloads

Free Downloads

Free! Download the full powerpoint

presentation for the first session

of the study "The Millennium." 

The presentation includes animated slides 
and presentation notes.


NOTE: All the sessions in their entirety

can be viewed on this website

under  the "PREWRATH" link 
at the top of each web page.

IN View of the End






Free! Download a PDF file of the

49 page updated workbook designed to

accompany the PowerPoint® study.

This download is not printable,

it is provided so you may see

the entire workbook before purchasing it.




Free! Download a PDF of a chart showing the flow of the book of Revelation.

This is a great resource designed by Diane Jones.










PreWrath Resources


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"In View of the End" PowerPoint® Presentation

PowerPoint® Available! 
Purchase the entire 10 session powerpoint® presentation for the study "In View of the End."

The presentation includes animated slides and presentation notes.  
Includes 472 slides in 10 sessions.

Download - email sent with 
download and install instructions  
(13 MB - No Shipping Cost).  

Also available on CD - choose appropriate
shipping method.


NOTE: All the sessions in their entirety can be viewed on this website under  the "PREWRATH" link at the top of the page.



In View of the End Presentation
$ 49.95
Delivery Option
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CD US First Class ($0.64)
CD US Priority Mail ($5.40)
CD International ($1.82)








In View of the End Workbook
$ 5.95

"In View of the End"



49 Page workbook designed to accompany 
the "In View of the End" PowerPoint® study.  Updated look and professional binding.






In View of the End Answer Workbook
$ 5.95


Answer Workbook


This is the "In View of the End" workbook except all of the answers are filled in.  This is useful for presentations when students have questions about filling in the workbook. Updated look.


PreWrath Books from

Birth Pangs

The new book by Elbert Charpie. Begins with a story of how the return of Christ could happen, and then explains the scriptures and compares the different views of Christ's return. Order today for special website pricing. Also available in Kindle edition at Amazon and at the Google Play Store.


New! with updated illustrations and formatting.

Full Color

Paperback, 194 pp.


More Information




Website Price: $14.00

The Return by Elbert Charpie
$ 14.00
Autograph: (No Charge)
Yes - Autograph
Do not autograph


Birth Pangs The new book by Michael Abdul-Malak who is a practicing OB/Gynecologist. I read the book and it is a compelling analogy of the return of Christ as compared to the birth process. A very enlightening explanation.

Paperback, 384 pp.
The Appearing The novel by Kristen Wisen who is Robert Van Kampen's daughter.  I have read it and it is a riveting story about the church and the persecution of Antichrist, and God's provision for His people.  True to scripture.

Hardback, 384 pp.
Overcomer The new novel by Kristen Wisen who is Robert Van Kampen's daughter.  Don't miss this one!

Hardback, 416 pp.
God's Elect Charles Cooper's book, is an interpretation of
Matthew 24:1-31 and Daniel 9.

It proposes that the distinction between God's work in Israel and His work in the church is a false presupposition that directly contradicts scripture. The prewrath position is correct in its conclusion that Matthew 24:1-31 does apply to the church, the bride of Christ, and to correct the false and misleading conclusions about both the timing and fulfillment of
Daniel 9:24-27.  

Paperback, 324 pp.
Flight Charles Cooper's newest book, is a study in the scriptures on what the Christian's response should be to the period of time commonly known as the Great Tribulation.

Paperback, 252 pp.
The Rapture Question Answered This book provides solid answers regarding the Antichrist, persecution of the Church, the Rapture, and the Great Tribulation. The Rapture Question Answered will give you a clear, plain, and simple understanding of these end-time issues. Written by Robert Van Kampen.

Paperback, 213 pp.
PreWrath Rapture of the Church What are the circumstances and chronology of Jesus' second coming? Is the Lord's return pre-tribulational, mid-tribulational, post-tribulational, or pre-wrath? by Marv Rosenthal.

Paperback, 310 pp., with 25 charts.
The Sign The Sign presents a compelling case for the Pre-Wrath position regarding Christ's return.
 Written by Robert Van Kampen

Paperback, 530 pp., with a full-color, pullout, end-times chart.
The Fourth Reich A novel based on the pre-wrath position. Combining international intrigue and romance with close adherence to biblical prophecy, The Fourth Reich gives an intense, fast paced, and dramatic portrayal of the end times. It is both a compelling story for fans of apocalyptic fiction and an insightful look at what will happen in the last days - by Robert Van Kampen

Paperback, 448 pp.
Heaven One of the best and most exhaustive books on Heaven I have ever read.  Looks at what the scripture says about heaven and deals with scriptural truth vs. our common expectations.  Also, has much to say about the millennial kingdom.  By Randy Alcorn

Hardback, 560 pp.
Heaven: Study Guide Study Guide to the above book on Heaven
by Randy Alcorn.

Paperback, 112 pp.

Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions Group Discussion Guide for the book on Heaven - Biblical answers to common questions by Randy Alcorn.

Paperback, 60 pp.
Before God's Wrath
Presents a straightforward defense of the prewrath rapture and takes on the weighty arguments of scholarly pretribulationism.  Footnotes and appendixes provide substantial documentation for the preference of the prewrath view. Endorsed by Marvin Rosenthal, president of Zion's Hope and author of The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church.  Written by H. L. Nigro.
362 pages, including 30 charts. 
Who Will Be Left Behind? Reflects the research of an everyday Berean who sought the pages of scripture for himself to determine the timing of the rapture. This straight-forward presentation of this timing (which is not given a name in the book) is an excellent introduction to the prewrath view, written in easy-going language characteristic of Bussard's blunt, but down-to-earth style. Bussard both takes a look at the face value of the scriptures and looks beneath, at the original meanings of Greek words
used to support other views.
Written by Dave Bussard.

Paperback, 164 pages.

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