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With all that is happening in the EU and the Middle East, could we be in the tribulation already?

I get email quite frequently asking if I believe the EU treaty could signify that we are in the 70th week (Tribulation period) already.  Others ask regarding other political events or because of specific conditions or events in the Islamic world.

I make a strong effort to stay away from trying to tie current events with biblical prophecy.  Some have tried to use Hitler, Stalin, the Pope and others to say we were in the 70th week or that the Antichrist had arrived - and all have been wrong!

Sure, the Islamic world has provided an environment that the rise to power of the Antichrist could happen from there, but these conditions have existed before.  We need to be careful at assigning or proclaiming prophecy to be fulfilled in any current event.  The Bible is clear that if we speak and it does not come to pass, then we are false prophets.  I, for one, do not want to be counted as a false prophet.  Therefore, I choose to speak where the Bible speaks and not to speculate about world events.

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Author: Elbert Charpie
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