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The Coming Epiphany 
An Epiphany is "a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something." There is a day coming when everyone on the earth will have an epiphany concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and His return.


PreWrath Website

fulfilled prophecy

Fulfilled Prophecy 
A Christian, end-times site that believes it’s possible the world may have entered its last seven years before Christ’s return — a time prophecy scholars call the 70th Week of Daniel.


PreWrath Website


Strong Tower Publishing

A publishing house dedicated to the PreWrath view. Also maintain lists of PreWrath speakers and churches.


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Dr. Elbert D. Charpie lives in Citronelle, Alabama where he pastors Shiloh Baptist Church of Deer Park, Alabama. He has studied end time events for many years and developed "In View of the End" over a dozen years ago. Dr. Charpie earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife, Vickie, and has two sons and a daughter.


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Shiloh Baptist Church and Surrounding area

Shiloh Baptist Church is a thriving fellowship in a small community located about 15 miles North of Citronelle, Alabama.



Dr. Charpie came as pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Deer Park in August of 2016. Originally from this area, he had served previously at First Baptist Church of Citronelle and Grace Baptist Church in Johnson City, Tennessee.


Citronelle is a community settled in 1811 about 25 miles North of Mobile, Alabama. It became a booming oil town during the 1940s & 50s.


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