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      Summer 2014  

We want the truth!

I have had many people email me asking if I know of a church that teaches PreWrath in their area. I am happy to help, but PreWrath churches are scarce. I tell a story about being at my nephew's house who taught a college Sunday School class at his church. He had one of his college students visiting, and he said to me, "Tell him what you believe about the second coming." So, I turned in the Bible to Matthew 24 and began to walk through the scripture explaining how Christ would return going verse by verse.

His eyes got big and he said, "Wow, why are you not shouting this from the housetops?" My answer was that people do not want to hear that the church will face persecution and possible martyrdom. The scriptures declare in the last days men will have itching ears wanting to hear what they desire to hear. So, finding churches that will consider the truth of the scriptures and then teach that truth becomes difficult.

This makes a person long to hear the truth taught about Jesus' return when they have accepted what the scriptures really teach. I have had some people tell me they can no longer bear attending their church that teaches a pre-tribulation rapture.

Don't get too excited!

I have found myself in my passion for the truth becoming confrontational at times to the point of sacrificing a relationship. This leads me to stress that if we are not careful, our passion for the truth can be used by the enemy to make us Pharisees.

If we allow our belief in the PreWrath rapture to cause divisions, the Devil has won. Yes, I believe the doctrine of a PreWrath rapture is important, and I am concerned that much of the church is ripe for deception. But, I cannot base my church relationship on that doctrine. Furthermore, if I cannot fellowship with a person who has been born-again by the blood of Jesus just because they do not agree with me - what does that say about my own relationship with God?

We must accept that the PreWrath rapture is NOT an essential doctrine!

Whether somone is pre-tribulational or pre-wrath should not be a marker of whether I will have fellowship with him or her. How do I explain that to Him when I stand before the Judgment seat of Christ? I am learning to accept when others do not agree with me and to love them anyway. And, to find the opportunities to share when people are open to hearing something that is different than what they have always been taught.

I am still PreWrath!

I believe that the Antichrist is coming first before we are raptured. And, I believe that much of the church is set up for deception because they believe they will be gone. Jesus repeated warning about His return was "do not be deceived!" I feel called by God to spread the word about what I believe the scriptures teach, but I refuse to allow Satan to use what God has called me to do against God. And, that is what can happen if we are not on our guard.

Jesus is more concerned with making disciples than our eschatology!

The greatest point of hyprocrisy is if we are working so hard to promote the theology of a PreWrath rapture, but we are not working hard at making disciples for the Kingdom of God. Jesus command was to go and make disciples, not go and teach PreWrath. I implore you to keep the main thing - the main thing! I know how easy it is to get sidetracked.

I am concerned when someone asks me about finding a PreWrath church. As much as I would love to have PreWrath churches all over the country, what we do have are churches that belong to the Lord Jesus. Please be careful not to discount how important that is. God bless you my friends as you continue to study and teach the Word.

Elbert Charpie -


The Return now available in digital formats!



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