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  PreWrathMinistries Newsletter Summer 2012  
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The Return: Available for Pre-Order 

Full Color. Available from The regular price is $19.99, but if you pre-order from the "" website, you can get special website pricing of $15.00.

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I have to apologize because I have neglected sending newsletters from quite some time. All my efforts regarding PreWrath have been focued on putting the book together for at least the past year

It is finally finished and I am excited because I believe it takes a unique approach to teaching the return of our Lord. The first chapter begins with a story imagining how Jesus' return could happen. The effort is made to put the prophecies into modern context anticipating how the world would react. Chapter two begins teaching the scriptures as I have at for many years.

I want to thank the many visitors I get at for your passion and dedication to the truth of God's word. The Return is something I have felt God calling me to do. Stay faithful as we look for the soon coming of Jesus!

Elbert Charpie      



The Return by Elbert Charpie

Whether you call it the "return of Christ," "the Second Coming," or the "Rapture," there has been so much debate over the centuries about what the Bible teaches. Many have concluded the subject of Jesus' return is too complicated, or too confusing to understand. One reader said...

"Reading, The Return was my 'light bulb' moment. Although God’s master pieces can be complicated, His past, present and future master plan for His creation is quite simple and easy to understand. The Return grips you with an almost unbelievable and detailed story of Christ’s return, then shines the light on what the Bible says, rather than trusting the blind to lead the blind. God is not the author of confusion. So why have we been so confused for so long? Until now…"

Begins with a story of how the return of Christ could happen, and then explains the scriptures and compares the different views of Christ's return.

Pre-Order from ""

The website has available more details about the book and even a "look inside" at selected excerpts from the book. We are expecting to be able to start shipping books around June 1, 2014.




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