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Rev. 17:12 states "one hour" and Rev. 3:10 states "the hour of testing." Do you have any idea how long literally the one hour is?

Rev 17:12 states that the three kings will be given authority to rule for one hour.  In the Greek it is literally "one hour" (mian horan).  Now no one can be completely dogmatic when it comes to prophecy because much of it is figurative.  You have to use the context to determine whether this is a literal hour or a figurative hour.  Sometimes the scripture gives us no further evidence.  Here because of the number "one" I would interpret this as a literal hour.
Now, in Rev. 3:10 the church is told that Jesus will keep them from "the hour" of trial (ek taes horas) "out of the hour."  This is an indefinite measure of time.  It is the same as when a preacher might say "the hour of judgment is upon us."  This reference I interpret not as a literal hour, but as the beginning of an indefinite period of time.  There is no single scripture that gives us the answer to the length of these "hours" except the context of the passage.  I don't think you will find any references in books because this is an accepted grammatical understanding as I have stated.  I am sorry that I don't have a more exact answer for you, but there are some questions where the scripture is just not that exact.

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