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Is it possible there may be more than one 'harvest of souls' - such as a Pre-Trib for the Bride, and later for other sheep? The Lord's Holy Days had an early one for barley (perhaps those who went up with Yahshua?) and then a summer one of wheat - the good stuff (for the Bride?) - and then the humongous one in the fall of the wet things like olives, grapes, etc. where the whole family and neighborhood got involved. Just thinking how different and individual we are in our walk with our Master...

I have heard many attempts to link prophecy with the meaning or schedule of the feasts.  And although there may be some connection, you cannot make judgments about prophecy regarding the feasts without proper scriptural evidence.  The different phases of harvest do not have a connection scripturally with the judgment and harvest of souls in the last day - at least as far as I can discern.  Although it sounds good, Matthew 24, Revelation, 1 Thessalonians 4:13ff, and 2 Thessalonians 2, and all the other passages that detail the Day of the Lord only point to one harvest.  The only slight exception is Revelation 20:4ff where the raptured saints are included with the martyrs as the first resurrection.

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