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You have Jesus walking with the Jewish remnant when they come back to the city but how does he get there if he is with the Saints in Heaven? I am assuming that in the rapture he goes back to heaven with the saints. If he comes down again isn't that a separate rapture for the Jews or are they not raptured with the rest of the saints?

Jesus does come back and rapture His saints and He does deal with them in Heaven, but at the same time He deals with the Jewish remnant here on earth.  It is no problem for Him to travel back and forth.  Furthermore, He is God and as God shares the attributes of God including omnipresence (the ability to be everywhere at the same time).  As far as the Jews are concerned, they are not raptured. 

The Jewish remnant will enter the millennial kingdom in their earthly bodies and will have charge along with a multitude of Gentiles that survive the 70th Week to re-populate the earth In the rapture, Jewish people who have accepted Jesus as their true Messiah will also be raptured and therefore, will not be a part of the remnant, but most Jews have rejected Jesus and will not accept Him until the end of the 70th Week.

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